Cliff Turner, Still Life for the Afterlife, oil on canvas, 24" x 36"

Cliff Turner, Still Life for the Afterlife

This week we have had time to reflect upon our first month in the new gallery. It has been a very fine beginning. The gallery space and location are exceptional. We are so pleased to be part of this Canterbury Street renaissance, and to be able to offer our artists this incredible venue to display their works. We are, of course, gratified by the faith which our artists have shown us. It is exciting to have the best professional artists in the region under one roof. Finally, we are extremely pleased with the warm welcome we have received from our community. We have greeted thousands of friends, clients and well-wishers at the gallery since we opened our doors on December 4. To all of you we wish you the best for 2016.

We promise you that we will be working hard to bring you many fine exhibitions and events over the next twelve months. A post later this month will provide a glimpse of what lies ahead for Buckland Merrifield this year.

Today we would like to share with you six new works that have just come into the gallery. We think that they well represent the high standards that we will work to maintain for our gallery.

The first is a new painting by Cliff Turner (shown above).  This work, entitled Still Life for the Afterlife, is an oil on canvas and measures 24″ x 36″. it arrived just after Christmas and has been included in our current exhibition.

Our second work arrived just yesterday. It is Box Store Beauty Vase (shown below) by Wendy Johnston. Composed of eartheware clay, underglazes, glaze and copper, this work stands 20″ high, and is a fine illustration of how complex ceramic works can be.

Denise Johnston, Box Store Beauty Vase, earthenware clay, underglazes, glaze, copper; 20" high

Wendy Johnston, Box Store Beauty Vase

The third work we are featuring today is the newest painting by Elizabeth Grant. Her previous painting was included in our exhibition on December 4, but soon went to its new home. This second painting in the series, Hide in Plain Sight; Hunt in the Dark, is currently hanging in the gallery.

Elizabeth Grant, Hide in Plain Sight; Hunt in the Dark, oil on canvas, 59" x 39"

Elizabeth Grant, Hide in Plain Sight; Hunt in the Dark

Our fourth work today is from ceramic artist, Yolande Clark. This Gilded Vase has been created using porcelain and gild. Her works sold extremely well during December. We currently have this fine vessel on display.

Yolande Clark, Gilded Vase, porcelain & gild; 8" x 8"

Yolande Clark, Gilded Vase

We have one more painting in today’s selection. It is Ascent #2, from a new series by Marie Fox. This work is oil on panel and measures 23″ in diameter. It is just being hung in the gallery today.

Marie Fox, Ascend #2, oil on panel, 23" dia.

Marie Fox, Ascent #2

Our final piece for you today is by Teena Dickerson. This piece is called Truth Necklace, and has been constructed with sterling silver and white agate.

Teena Dickerson, Truth Necklace, sterling silver with white agate

What we have shared with you today is just the beginning for 2016. Watch for many more blog posts, many great exhibitions and a lot of truly fine work by the best artists in the region.