Just one more week, but still plenty of time to pop in and see us at our new location at 36 Canterbury St. Here are twelve more great suggestions for that special gift.


James Wilson, Snow Line - Spring Freshet, photograph

Snowline: Spring Freshet by James Wilson. This is a beautiful photographic work, part of a series called Water. Years in the making, Jamie has been artistically documenting the New Brunswick waterways. The gallery will feature this series with an exhibition in May, but we had to let one out in advance. The work measures 16″ x 40″.  ($1800)


work in wood by Peter Kinsella

Peter Kinsella is a master of the wood. He creates simply beautiful vessels with a wonderful variety of New Brunswick wood. Any of these would make a wonderful gift.  (prices range $95 – $250)


Cathy Ross, Heirloom Apples, watercolour

Cathy Ross recently sent us this watercolour work, Heirloom Apples. This is quite lovely, a superb example of her work, characteristic of her eye for detail and beauty. This painting measures 6″ x 22″. This is one case when my photography through the glass does not do justice to the work. You should stop by to see this piece.  ($900)


bowl by Denise Maclean

We currently have a number of pieces by Denise MacLean. The images on her bowls, plates and mugs remind one fine woodcuts, and evoke memories of great illustrated books for young and old. This bowl stands 6″ high.  ($90)


Glenn Hall, Little Southwest Miramichi River, oil on panel, 16" x 20"

This stunning riverscape is by Glenn Hall. An oil on panel that measures 16″ x 20″ is an excellent example of Glenn’s treatment of sky, land and water.   ($975)


Chris Doiron, raku fired vessel

Chris Doiron is a young emerging ceramic artist. The gallery has been excited to represent his work. This fine raku vessel stands 9″ high.  ($175)


Peter Salmon, The Beach, St. Martin's, oil on canvas, 36" x 24"

Another fine New Brunswick painter is Peter Salmon. Peter lives in St. Martin’s, and completed this oil painting of the beach just in time for our recent opening exhibition. It measures 36″ x 24″  ($2200)


ceramic work by Helen Stanley

The gallery features several of the region’s best ceramic artists. Above is a selection of work by Helen Stanley. (range $25 – $80)

9. Deanna Musgrave, Emissary, acrylic & mixed media on canvas, 48" x 48"

Now, this one pops. If you really want to take home something special this Christmas, you would not go wrong with this painting by Deanna Musgrave. Deanna was commissioned this past year to complete the 50′ mural for the Hans Klohn Building at UNB Saint John. So this is one of her smaller works, measuring 48″ x 48″.  ($1900)


platter by Karen Knight

Extraordinary is what we have to say about the platters created by Karen Knight. This particular piece measures 10″ x 20″.  ($175)


Fred Ross, Standing Figure in the studio, charcoal & graphite, 23" x 16"

And finally, from our fine art department, one from the master, Fred Ross. This drawing was recently selected for the gallery from the estate of Fred Ross. It is a strong work from one of Saint John’s most celebrated artists. It measures 23″ x 16″.  ($2600)


Judy Blake, saggar fired vessel

Judy Blake is a ceramic artist with an international reputation. The gallery currently has a fine selection of her saggar fired work. This vessel measures 12″ high.  ($700)

Please drop by the gallery or contact us via phone, email or facebook.

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