With just ten days until Christmas, many people are still searching for that very special gift for someone important in their life. We think we can help. With a gallery full of fine art and fine craft, produced by the best artists in this region, we have produced a list of pieces that we feel are quite special.

Here is our list of twelve pieces that we feel would make great gifts this year.

1.Yolanda Clark

This is a large ceramic pot (19″ high) by Yolande Clark, from her new electric kiln series using glaze engobe and gild.  ($1400)

2. 02 JEC Shadow #31

John Edward Cushnie is a new member of the Buckland Merrifield Gallery. We believe John to be a very fine painter, surely one to watch. This work is entitled Shadow #31, an oil on canvas, 29″ x 29″  ($1050)

3.Erica Stanley, necklace

Erica Stanley, necklace reverse side

 Erica Stanley is one of the many fine jewelers represented by the gallery. This Narwhal pendant has been crafted using 14 K gold and stirling silver.  ($353)

4.Lynn Wigginton, Along Prince William St., oil & acrylic on canvas

This painting came into the gallery just hours before our opening exhibition. It is a splendid example of the work Lynn Wigginton has created throughout her career as she has artistically documented the architecture of Saint John. Along Prince William St., oil and acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 36″.  ($1850)

5.Peter Kinsella, turned wood bowl

The bowl above is by Peter Kinsella. Peter’s wood turning is of an exceptional high calibre. This large bowl (13′ diameter) is from a maple root burl  ($600)

6.Amy Dryer, Windy Red, oil on canvas, 28" x 44"

We received a very fine group of new paintings from Amy Dryer this fall. Windy Red is one that we like in particular. It is oil on canvas, 28″ x 48″.  ($2600)

7.Juliette Sheffars, set of bowls

Fired at extremely high temperatures, the resultant stunning glazes are distinctive in the work of Juliette Sheffars.  ($192 for the set)

8.Marie Fox, Ireland, mixed media on wood panel

Marie Fox, another addition to the gallery this year, was selected as an emerging artist of the year by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery this past summer. Ireland, mixed media on panel, 10″ x 8″  ($675)

9.Yukari Hazama Iverson, platter

Ceramic work by Yukari Hazama Iverson has been popular with Saint John buyers for many years. Enameled fan plate, 9″ x 16″  ($145)

Stephen Scott, The Southend, watercolour, 14" x 20"

One of New Brunswick’s finest painters, Stephen Scott has been turning his eye to the Saint John skyline of late. This is a fine example of his work in watercolour. Southend, watercolour, 14″ x 20″  ($1400)

11.Philip Savage, Pigs, wood

A sounder of swine arrived from the studio of artist, Philip Savage. These wee piggies have been flying out the door. If pigs could fly?! Mahogany and cherry.  ($65)


Colin Smith, A Beautiful Broken Heart, ink, 12" x 6"

We wait each Christmas to see what delightfully clever drawings will arrive from the studio of Colin Smith. Here are two, Learning and A Beautiful Broken Heart. Both are done with inks and measure 12″ x 6″.  ($275 each)

Be sure to come by our new gallery space at 36 Canterbury St. to see the many wonderful works on display.

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