Here are just six more unique ideas for the last minute shopper, and very affordable.

1. Vignt Mille, Mr. Jones Design

The gallery still carries a number of interesting watches, thanks to Judy’s diligence in tracking very unusual watch designs. This one is quite new from Mr. Jones, a great gift for the Jules Verne fan. ($235)

2. Time is Short, Projects Watches

Also, a fascinating design from Projects. Something for the X-Ray technician in your life. ($110)

3. Kathy Hooper, ASAFO Series, ceramic, 11%22 dia.

A work in ceramic from Kathy Hooper. This is from the ASAFO Series, (11″ dia.). ($150)

4. Kathy Hooper, Liova & Animal, acrylic on canvas, 9%22 x 7%22

Another from Kathy Hooper, a small acrylic on canvas, entitled Liova & Animal. ($175)

5. Bob Morouney, paper moon, copperplate etching, 4%22 x 4%22

We still have a number of these charming copperplate etchings by Bob Morouney. This is called Papermoon, measuring 4″ x 4″. ($135)

6. Bob Morouney, Watchtower, copperplate etching, 3.5%22 x 5%22

One more from Bob. This one is called Watchtower, copperplate etching, 3.5″ x 5″. ($135)



TUESDAY 12 – 5        WEDNESDAY 10 – 12.



Sitting here in the gallery, with so much great art, both big and small, I cannot resist the urge to share another group of images. So, here is list number two

1. Herzl Kashetsky, Popsicles, watercolour, 5%22 x 8%22

Herzl Kashetsky, Popsicles, watercolour, 5″ x 8″

Herzl’s sense of humour shines through with this great little watercolour. It’s not often one can get a great Kashetsky at this price. ($475)

2. James Wilson, Fred Ross's Studio 2005, photograpgh 1 of 5, 8%22 x 12%22

James Wilson, Fred Ross’ Studio 2005, photograph 1/5, 8″ x 12

For fans of Fred Ross and James Wilson this is a slice of history, shot in Fred’s studio in 2005. My previous list included Jamie’s portrait of Herzl’s studio, which sold as soon as I put the blog post out.  ($375)

3. Peter Sabat, Sunset, watercolour, 5%22 x 9%22

Peter Sabat, Sunset, watercolour, 5″ x 9″

We have had some wonderful watercolours come in recently by Peter Sabat, a New Brunswick artist now living in California. This one is a little gem ($325)

4. Kathy Hooper, The Nest, acrylic on canvas, 20%22 x 16%22

Kathy Hooper, The Nest, acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 16″

Here is yet another new work on canvas by Kathy Hooper ($425)

5Bob Morouney, la sagouine, copperplate etching, 5%22 x 4%22

Bob Morouney, La Sagouine, copperplate etching 11/24, 5″ x 3.5″

Bob Morouney, je t'aime, copperplate etching AP, 4%22 x 4%22

Bob Morouney, Je t’aime, copperplate etching AP, 4″ x 4″

So here is my little cheat again, slipping in two for one. Bob is a special guest artist in this exhibition, and among the many works he has provided are these two small etchings. Perhaps something small and affordable for someone special on your list. ($135 each)

6. RMartin14mars2014

Raymond Martin, Pique-nique à la plage, oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″

We have included a number of smaller works by Raymond (there was one in my first list), but I decided to include this larger piece. ($2100)

7. Toby Graser, miniature 2, mixed media on paper

Toby Graser, abstraction, mixed media on paper, 5.5″ x 8.5

Another of Toby’s many small works featured in this exhibition. ($225 unframed)

8. Rose # 6, oil on canvas by Deanna Musgrave

Deanna Musgrave, Red Roses, oil on canvas, 4″ x 4″

Deanna loves to work large, so it is a treat to get small pieces from her. We have a number of these lovely rose paintings from Deanna. ($140)

9. Alex Schofield, Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are, mixed media on paper, 9.5%22 x 8%22

Alex Schofield, Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are, mixed media on paper, 9.5″ x 8″

Another from this great series by Alex, with reference to childhood games. ($375)

10. Colin Smith, True Love's Durable Flame, ink on paper, 12%22 x 8.5%22

Colin Smith, True Love’s Durable Flame, ink on paper, 12″ x 8.5″

One from a series of four works, I really enjoy this with all the terrific little bits around the edge of the drawing. ($350)

Our hours leading up to Christmas:

Thursday, December 18 (10 – 5)

Friday, December 19 (10 – 5)

Saturday, December 20 (10 – 4)

Monday, December 22 (10 – 5)

Tuesday, December 23 (10 – 5)

Wednesday, December 24 (10 – 12)


I hang a lot of art on my walls during the course of a year. This month I have installed 125 pieces in the gallery, many of them smaller works, providing unique and affordable gifts for the Christmas season. Today I’m going to give you my ten picks, mostly small pieces, but a couple of larger works as well, because i think they are quite exceptional.

1. Kathy Hooper, Secrets, acrylic on canvas, 16%22 x 16%22

Kathy Hooper, Secrets, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 16″

It’s been a while since we have had new work from Kathy. She has brought us four new pieces that are quite fine. I really like the narrative quality I find in much of her work. This piece is an exceptional purchase. ($425)

2. Bob Morouney, bra catalogue virtual femininity goggles, watercolour on vintage paper, 7%22 x 4%22

Bob Morouney, Virtual Femininity Goggles, watercolour on vintage paper, 7″ x 4″

I invited Bob as a guest artist at the gallery for the month of December. He’s brought me several fine works, including watercolours and copperplate etchings. This work is part of a series entitled The Hidden House Catalogue of Artisinal Brassieres. We have sold several from this series this week. I love the fact that he is using vintage paper from 1811 as support for his watercolour work here. ($185)

3. Toby Graser, Miniature 1, mixed media on paper

Toby Graser, Window Series, mixed media on matboard, 7.5″ x 4.75″

We are featuring several works by Toby in this exhibition, some framed and others not. This particular work from the Window Series is a strong example of her smaller works. ($195 unframed)

4. Cathy Ross, Golden Beets, watercolour

Cathy Ross, Golden Beets, watercolour, 25″ x 14″

Not one of the small works, but an exceptional piece by a very fine artist. Cathy has such an eye for detail and a mind that finds such beauty in the commonplace. ($1200)

5. James Wilso, Herzl's Studio 2010, photograph 1 of 5, 12%22 x 8%22

James Wilson, Herzl’s Studio 2010, photograph, 13″ x 7.5″

This is a wonderful portrait of Herzl, or should I say of Herzl’s studio. The studio often reveals much about the artist. Anyone who owns Herzl’s work, particularly the drawings and paintings he has done of his own studios, should consider this piece by Jamie ($375)

6. Herzl Kashetsky, Apples on the Tree, acrylic on canvasboard, 7%22 x 5%22

Herzl Kashetsky, Apples on the Tree, acrylic on canvasboard, 7″ x 5″

Herzl Kashetsky, Harbour Bridge, etching, 5%22 x 7%22

Herzl Kashetsky, Harbour Bridge, etching, 5″ x 7″

Okay, I’ve cheated, and slipped in an extra work. I just could not decide which piece of Herzl’s to include. The Apples on the Tree is quite a delicious small painting, but then the etching of the skyline has such appeal. Normally, I find artwork depicting the city skyline to be rather stiff and lacking personality, but this has a nice feel. I like the sepia treatment.

Apples on the Tree ($495)  Harbour Bridge ($450)

7. Paul Mthieson, When They Paint Their Masterpiece

Paul Mathieson, When They Paint Their Masterpiece, acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 30″

One of our most gifted painters, Paul Mathieson never disappoints. His works are always so well conceived and so carefully constructed. Such incredible detail. ($2400)

8. Amber Young, Pond with Lilypads 2, oil on canvas, 30.5%22 x 24%22

Amber Young, Ponds and Lilypads #2, oil on canvas, 30.5″ x 24″

This is one of two new works that came in recently from Amber. Moving away somewhat from her fascination with the pond’s surface, she gives greater attention to that which lies beneath. ($950)

9. Suzanne Hill, White Knight Series, mixed media on canvas, 14%22 x 12%22

Suzanne Hill, White Knight #1, mixed media on canvas, 14″ x 12

Suzanne is in her studio working long before the sun is up. By the time I open the gallery at 10, she has done a day’s work. I shouldn’t be surprised when three new works appear, even though I know she is working on two new series at the moment. It’s always exciting to see something new from Suzanne. ($375)

10. Raymond Martin, Fleurs et maree basse, oil on canvas, 14%22 x 11%22

Raymond Martin, Fleurs et marée basse, oil on canvas, 14″ x 11″

Just in case you have forgotten summer and beaches and flowers, here is a reminder, a small painting from Raymond Martin’s series Birds and Beaches. ($625)

This just a small sample of the more than 100 works hanging at the gallery for December.