MEET PHILIP SAVAGE : Recipient of the 2015 Nel Oudemans Award


Philip Savage

Philip Savage has two overriding passions, farming and sculpting. I recently spotted him at the Queen Square Market, working his booth, obviously wearing his farmer’s hat. However, it is Philip Savage the artist that we are featuring today.

A rarity in this day when colleges and universities are turning out an ever-increasing number of well trained artists, Philip is essentially self taught. He did receive some very early assistance when, as a young boy, he joined the KV Carvers Club. It was there, at the age of ten years, he learned much about the tools and techniques of carving from the older members of the club.

Since then Philip’s work has evolved into a significant art form. The sophistication, complexity and sheer beauty of his work are undeniable.

Philip Savage, desk

Philip Savage, Herd

Philip Savage, Pods

Philip Savage has been receiving a great deal of attention lately, well deserved attention. He was recently the subject of a post in Created Here, a fine blog on regional artists, by Marie-Hélène Marmen Morell.

Even more recently, last evening as I write, Philip Savage was awarded the prestigious Nel Oudemans Award, given by the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation. This award recognizes the pursuit of excellence in the fields of fine craft and design by emerging New Brunswick artisans.

The Buckland Merrifield Gallery is very pleased that Philip Savage will be among the artists featured when it opens in October.

Philip Savage, Table

Philip Savage, Birds

Philip Savage, Vanity


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