GiseleGiselle 3

This is Gisele Theriault, known professionally as The Barber’s Daughter. An artisan who creates thoughtful and beautiful jewellery, Gisele grew up in a Cape Breton town where her father was the local barber. The barber shop was a place of stories, a meeting place where people came to share their triumphs, their tribulations and the day-to-day minutiae of community life.

Inspired by her father’s retelling of these stories around the family supper table, Gisele was determined to inject this compassion, this sense of humanity, this thoughtfulness into her own work. As the Barber’s Daughter she creates contemplative jewellery, full of meaning and purpose.

Engraving words into precious metals, she speaks of this as providing a contemplative grounding or touch stone, her response to a world fraught with sensory overload. She says, “The most important element, and what puts a skip into my step, is being able to provide a way that we can walk daily with words that inspire.”

Blackboard of Gratitude





The Barber’s Daughter is one of the artists that Shannon will be bringing to our gallery in the fall. Shannon recalled her first exposure to the work of this artist.

“I first connected with Giséle in the fall 2007 as I was looking for a new voice for the gallery I was operating at that time. As I have always believed that the crafts people know the best work, I inquired within my artist circle to find a new and unique talent. Trudy Gallagher mentioned The Barber`s Daughter to me. When I saw her work, I knew my search had ended.”

We are so pleased that The Barber’s Daughter will be joining Buckland Merrifield Gallery this fall.



Onyx Beads



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Next week I will be taking a break from our Meet The Artist Series, so that I can tell you about the upcoming exhibition to be held at my current location on Duke Street. Four artists: Cliff Turner, John Pottle, Glenn Hall and Peter Salmon have something very special taking shape for the Summer Gallery Hop on Friday August 21.



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