Marie Fox - general


Marie Fox, a painter based in Fredericton, will be an addition to our group of artists when Buckland Merrifield Gallery opens its doors this fall. I do expect to have some work on hand at the current Duke St. location soon. Above, images of her work, and below, Marie at work in her studio.


Marie Fox is one of two painters selected this year for the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s Studio Watch Emerging Artist Series. The other artist is Stephanie Weirathmueller, who is represented by Gallery 78.

In the catalogue for her Beaverbrook exhibition, Marie discusses her paintings which she says are very much based in “the tradition of Western figurative painting (particularly that of the northern Gothic of 15th Century Flemish art).”

She says “My models are stripped bare of time and space, their clothing for the most part, and placed in ambiguous backgrounds or sky-painted, in moments of ecstasy, playfulness, purity and ferocity. . . My paintings convey the sensual, the erotic and the spiritual.”

I am including images of a few paintings, but I urge you to visit her exhibition at the Beaverbrook. The exhibition opens on June 25, and will remain up through the summer.

Marie_05, Mon Jun 08, 2015, 2:54:03 PM, 8C, 5996x6198, (2+2373), 100%, Default Settin, 1/60 s, R74.6, G62.0, B75.6

LJĂ“SBERINN (Bringer of Light) , 2014 Oil on wood panel | 48 x 48 inches

Marie_02, Mon Jun 08, 2015, 1:57:30 PM, 8C, 7522x7860, (265+1559), 100%, Default Settin, 1/60 s, R74.6, G62.0, B75.6

Ascend | Ascension (Francis of Assisi), 2015 (1 of 12 panels)

Marie discusses her approach to painting. “I work in the tradition of an earlier time, painting in oil on wood panels, using translucent layers of colour that echo gothic and renaissance styles.”

Marie Fox, Premature Epitaph for a Painter


Premature Epitaph for a Painter | , 2014 Oil on wood panel |  8 x 10 inches

Marie Fox, Light Bearer

Light Bearer. oil on wood panel, 10″ x 10″


Coming soon in this series, Andrea Brewer, another painter who will be joining our gallery.

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