Mathieson in foreground

With just a few days left before Christmas I have installed a wonderful exhibition featuring the gallery artists. I have hung some favourite pieces from the past few months. We are featuring works, both small and large. I hope you will find time during the next few days to stop by the gallery. We still have a few items left from Peter’s Picks, along with other great pieces.

Here are a few shots that I have just taken of the gallery to give you some idea as to what you will see.

Umholtz & Savoie in foreground

Above: Along the east wall of the gallery, with a print by David Umholtz and a painting by Romeo Savoie in the foreground.

A chair to view Pashak, Wilson, Steeves & Ross

Above: The northeast corner features Bruce Pashak, James Wilson, Dan Steeves and Fred Ross.

Gallery's south wall

Above: On the south wall: Toby Graser, Stephen Scott, Angel Gomez and Raymond Martin.

Below are just a few individual pieces worth note.

Rick Burns' Containment Series

Above: Rick BurnsContainment Series. These early works by Rick, recently discovered by his sister in the attic, were mentioned as part of Peter’s Picks earlier this month. These small constructions are really great. So wonderful to see them again after so many years.

Cathy Ross, Red Snappers with Finger Peppers

Above: Red Snappers With Finger Peppers, a watercolour by Cathy Ross. Her work in this  medium is outstanding.

Colin Smith, Rough Transitions

Above: A work in inks by Colin Smith, Rough Transitions. 

Remember we always have a terrific supply of cool watches by Projects and Mr. Jones. Great  and very unique Christmas gifts.


Above: The Cyclops Collection from Mr. Jones Design.

7402 10 1 4

Above: The 10 – 1 – 4 from Projects.

I hope you will stop by during the next few days. Also. watch this post over the next 48 hours as I add new images from our exhibition that feature artists such Suzanne Hill, Peter Powning, Herzl Kashetsky, Deanna Musgrave, Amber Young, Nancy King Schofield, John Donovan and many others.


Thursday, December 19, 10 – 5,  – Friday, December 20, 10 – 5  –  Saturday, December 21, 10 – 4  –  Tuesday, December 24, 10 – 2

Also, do not miss our special open house on Monday, December 30 with important special features.

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